**1960's & 1970's Concerts in Kansas City**

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I've put this list together over several years and from many different sources. Any corrections and additions are encouraged. The period is 1960's thru 1979 and includes some Lawrence concerts..







7/12/1964  The Beach Boys /Municipal Auditorium 

9/17/1964 The Beatles/Municipal Stadium -Charlie Finley paid them $150,000

11/20/1965  The Beach Boys /Municipal Auditorium

7/9/1967 KUDL Night/Memorial Hall w/ Dionne Warwick, Bo Street Runners, The Four Darlings, Tony Burke, Del Montes, Jumpin' Jacks Orchestra 

9/23/1967 Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wond er/Municipal Auditoriumw/Marian Love, Bunky Green Orchestra (Stevie Wonder didn't appear)

11/17/1967 The Who /Shawnee Misssion South H.S. -w/The Buckinghams

1/12/1968 James Brown and His Revue /Municipal Auditorium

7/14/1968  The Beach Boys  /Memorial Hall

8/14/1968 Danny Cox/Shawnee Mission East H.S.

8/22/1968 The Who/The Music Hall

11/1/1968 Jimi Hendrix/Municipal Auditorium -w/Cat Mother &All Night Newsboys

11/5/1968 Jeff Beck Group /Memorial Hall


2/5/1969 Iron Butterfly /Memorial Hall -w/Grateful Dead

3/19/1969 The Byrds/Shawnee Mission South H.S.

5/9/1969 Jefferson Airplane /Memorial Hall -w/Danny Cox, &  Manchester Trafficway

6/19/1969  Fun Fair 69 w/Iron Butterfly/Municipal Auditorium

6/20/1969  Fun Fair 69 w/Strawberry Alarm Clock/Municipal Auditorium

6/21/1969  Fun Fair 69 w/Wilson Pickett/Municipal Auditorium

6/22/1969  Fun Fair 69 w/The Cowsills/Municipal Auditorium

10/4/1969 Donovan /Municipal Auditorium

8/6/1969 Vanilla Fudge /Memorial Hall

11/5/1969 Led Zeppelin/Memorial Hall- Played with borrowed equipment

11/18/1969 Blood Sweat and Tears /Municipal Auditorium

11/29/1969 Country Joe & the Fish /Memorial Hall w/Danny Cox

12/10/1969 Fleetwood Mac /Memorial Hall -w/Jethro Tull & Joe Cocker


2/8/1970 Iron Butterfly /Memorial Hall -w/Blues Image

2/15/1970 Delanie and Bonnie w/Eric Clapton /memorial Hall

3/20/1970 Steppenwolf/Memorial Hall

4/24/1970 Illinois Speed Press, Steve Miller Blues Band /UMKC free concert

5/8/1970 Canned Heat /Freedom Palace -Venue opening

5/24/1970 Grand Funk Railroad /Freedom Palace -w/Bloodrock -( headliner Pink Floyd canceled) 

6/5/1970 Mountain /Freedom Palace

6/14/1970  Janis Joplin / Memorial Hall

7/2/1970 The Who/ Freedom Palace - w/James Gang

7/10 & 11/1970 Spirit /Freedom Palace -w/ Sweetwater

8/15/1970 Quicksilver Messenger Service/ Freedom Palace

8/19/1970 Led Zeppelin/Municipal Auditorium

10/24/1970  Jefferson Airplane / Memorial Hall-  w/Hot Tuna

11/26/1970 Ten Years After /Freedom Palace(Final venue show)

12/5/1970 The Moody Blues /Municipal Auditorium -w/Trapeze


3/6/1971  Poco  /Memorial Hall -w/Podipto 

3/16/1971 Black Sabbath/Memorial Hall -w/J. Geils Band

3/27/1971 Mountain /Memorial Hall

4/3/1971  Quicksilver Messenger Service /Memorial Hall  w/Brewer and Shipley

4/17/1971 It's a Beautiful Day /The Establishment -Lawrence Ks.

4/20/1971 Grand Funk Railroad /Municipal Auditorium-w/Bloodrock  

6/20/1971 James Gang /Memorial Hall

6/29/1971 Jethro Tull /Memorial Hall

7/12/1971 Stephen Stills/ Municipal Auditorium

7/16-17/1971 Flying Burrito Brothers/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/White Eyes

7/23-24/1971 Ewing Street, Chet Nichols, Sound Farm /Cowtown Ballroom

8/1/1971 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Ted Anderson

8/2/1971 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Ted Anderson

8/13/1971  Jackson 5 /Municipal Auditorium 

8/24/1971 Ten Years After/ Municipal Auditorium- w/Procol Harem

9/14/1971 Crosby and Nash /Music Hall

9/26/1971 It's A Beautiful Day/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

10/8/1971 Steve Miller Blues Band/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Grits

10/20/1971 Black Sabbath/Memorial Hall

10/23/1971 Frank Zappa /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Rich Hill (Flo and Eddie w/Zappa)

10/31/1971 Leo Kottke/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Joy of Cooking, Joyful Noise

11/13/1971 Brewer and Shipley /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

11/15/1971  Elvis Presley /Municipal Auditorium  

11/24/1971 Savoy Brown/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Pot Liquour, Chicken Shack

12/4/1971 Poco /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Jerry Riopelle

12/16/1971 Alice Cooper /Cowtown Ballroom -played 2 shows -w/PG&E

12/31/1971 Freddie King/ Cowtown Ballroom


1/30/1972 Wesport Free Clinic Benefit /Cowtown Ballroom -Various artists

2/4/1972 Rare Earth/Memorial Hall w/Sweathog, Char the Electric Lady

2/13/1972 Mike Quatro Jam Band w/KC Philharmonic

2/15/1972 Brewer & Shipley /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Danny Cox & White Eyes

2/18/1972 Mitch Ryder /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

2/19/1972 Mitch Ryder /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

2/26/1972 Five Man Electrical Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

3/12/1972 Mason Profit /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Morningstar & Commonground

4/7/1972 Badfinger/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Ashton, Gardener & Dyke

4/8/1972 Ravi Shankar /Cowtown Ballroom

4/18/1972 Up Against the Wall Ball /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Nation, J.C. Storyteller, Pilgrimage

4/22/1972 Linda Rondstat /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Alex Harvey Band & The Rasberries

4/30/1972 Westport Free Clinic Benefit /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Nation, KC Grits, Shock

5/6/1972 Hot Tuna/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Chet Nichols

5/12/1972 Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Municipal Auditorium -w/Freddie King

5/20/1972 Peter Yarrow Band/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Lazarus

5/21/1972 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Hope

5/27/1972 Lee Michaels & Jo Jo Gunne /Memorial Hall

6/1/1972 It's a Beautiful Day/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Stonface

6/2/1972 It's a Beautiful Day /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Stonface

6/3/1972 It's a Beautiful Day /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Stonface

6/9/1972 Black Oak Arkansas /Cowtown Ballroom -w/White Eyes

6/10/1972 Procol Harum/Memorial Hall -w/Ozark Mountain Daredevils

6/15/1972 Jethro Tull/Municipal Auditorium -w/The Eagles

6/22/1972 The Rolling Stones/ Municipal Auditorium -w/Stevie Wonder

6/30/1972  New Riders of the Purple Sage /Memorial Hall -w/Loggins and Messina 

7/7/1972 Rare Earth /Municipal Auditorium -wDr. Hook & J.J. Cale

7/15/1972  Badfinger /Memorial Hall  -w/Cactus, Kindred 

7/21/1972 Procol Harem /The Music Hall -w/Heads, Hands & Feet

8/1/1972 Emerson, Lake & Palmer/ Municipal Auditorium

8/7/1972 Leon Russell/Municipal Auditorium -w/Nitzinger

8/18/1972 Jackson 5 /Municipal Auditorium  

8/24/72 Humble Pie /Municipal Auditorium -w/ZZ Top & Ramatan

9/11/1972 Pink Floyd /Memorial Hall

9/15/1972 Blue Cheer /Memorial Hall -w/Spirit

9/21/1972 Dan Hicks /Cowtown Ballroom -KUDL

9/21/1972 Joe Cocker/Municipal Auditorium -w/Mark-Allmond Band

9/29/1972 Poco /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Chet Nichols& Danny Cox

10/4/1972 T. Rex /Memorial Hall -w/The Doobie Brothers

10/8/1972 Westport Free Clinic benefit /Cowtown -w/Morningstar, Chessman Square, KC Grits

10/11/1972  Mick Ronson /Memorial Hall 

10/13/1972 Elton John /Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence -w/Family

10/15/1972  David Bowie /Memorial Hall -w/Styx

10/20/1972 Black Sabbath/ Memorial Hall

10/31/1972 Steve Miller Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Wishbone Ash

11/4/1972  Elton John /Municipal Auditorium -w/ Family 

11/10/1972 Robin Trower /Cowtown Ballroom -w/White Eyes

11/13/1972 Grateful Dead /Memorial Hall

11/18/1972 Grand Funk Railroad /Municipal Auditorium -w/Billy Preston

11/22/1972 Hot Tuna /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Ozark MountainDaredevils

11/29/1972 Deep Purple /Memorial Hall -w/Buddy Miles, Elf

12/1/1972 Seals & Croft /Cowtown Ballroom - w/Lawrence &Roselle -KUDL

12/2/1972 Frank Zappa/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steely Dan - KUDL

12/3/1972 Edgar Wnter Group /Memorial Hall  w/West, Bruce & Laing

12/3/1972 Steely Dan /Cowtown Ballroom

12/15/1972 Black Oak Arkansas/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tranquility

12/31/1972 Brewer & Shipley /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Daredevils, Chet Nichols, KC Grits


1/21/1973 The Byrds /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Flash

1/25/1973 America /Music Hall (Municipal) -w/John David Souther

2/2/1973 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin

2/3/1973 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin

2/8/1973 Ozark Mountain Daredevils /Cowtown Ballroom

2/10/1973 Loggins & Messina /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Leo Kottke

2/19/1973 B.B. King /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Chet Nichols & K.C.Grits

2/21/1973 Ozark Mountain Daredevils /Shawnee Mission North H.S.

2/26/1973 Neil Young/Municipal Auditorium -w/Linda Ronstadt 

3/4/1973 Chuck Berry /Memorial Hall -KUDL

3/9/1973 Brewer & Shipley /Cowtown -w/Louden Wainwright III, Ozark Mountain Daredevils

3/10/1973 Brewer & Shipley /Cowtown -w/Louden Wainwright III, Ozark Mountain Daredevils

3/15/1973 Paul Butterfield /Cowtown -w/Foghat, Mark Almond, Ted Anderson

3/17/1973 Ted Nugent & Amboy Dukes /Memorial Hall -w/REO Speedwagon & Brownsville Station

3/19/1973 BB King /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Malo

3/23/1973 Sha Na Na/Memorial Hall -w/Mason Profit

3/24/1973  Humble Pie /Municipal Auditorium  w/Black Oak Arkansas

3/25/1973 Savoy Brown /Memorial Hall -w/ Captain Beyond

3/31/1973 Dr. Hook & Medicine Show /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

4/4/1973 Arlo Guthrie /Memorial Hall -KUDL

4/6/1973 Blue Oyster Cult /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Focus & Barnstorm

4/7/1973 It's A Beautiful Day /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Bloodrock & Sylvestar & Hot Band

4/11/1973 Focus /Memorial Hall -w/Blue Oyster Cult & Barnstorm

4/13/1973 Wishbone Ash /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Finnegan & Wood/Vinegar Joe

4/15/1973 Alice Cooper /Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence -w/Flo & Eddie

4/23/1973 King Crimson/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Gentle Giant & Charles Lloyd

4/27/1973 Slade/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Fanny

4/28/1973 The Beach Boys /Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence

5/2/1973 Lou Reed /Memorial Hall -w/Garland Jefferies

5/7/1973 Ten Years After /Memorial Hall -w/Foghat & The Strawbs

5/11/1973  Chicago /Royals Stadium 

5/11/1973 Poco /Cowtown Ballroom -w/John David Souther

5/13/1973 Canned Heat /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Hookfoot

5/20/1973 Jo Jo Gunne/Memorial Hall -w/Cold Blood & Sons of Champlin

5/26/1973 Commander Cody /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Earl Scruggs

6/2/1973  Jimmie Spheeris /Memorial Hall  w/Jane Getz

6/16/1973 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin -KUDL

6/17/1973 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin -KUDL

7/3/1973 Charlie Daniels /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Garland Jefferies, Hot Ice

7/4/1973 Jethro Tull /Municipal Auditorium -w/Steeleye Span -KUDL

7/18/1973 Doobie Brothers /Memorial Hall -w/Styx

7/29/1973 Carney Rock/Fairyland Park -w/REO Speedwagon, Dr. Hook, BTO, Joe Walsh

8/1/1973 New Riders of Purple Sage /Music Hall -w/Commander Cody -KUDL

8/2/1973 Three Dog Night/ Royals Stadium -w/T.Rex , Leslie West, Ruben & The Jets

8/19/1973 Elton John /Arrowhead Stadium -w/Sutherland Brothers & Quiver

8/26/1973 Chicago /Municipal Auditorium

9/16/1973 Carney Rock II /Fairyland Park -w/Quicksilver,  Flo&Eddy

9/21/1973 Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Billy Spears Band

9/26/1973 J. Geils Band /Memorial Hall -w/Mark-Almond

9/29/1973 John Mayall /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Ozark Mountain Daredevils

10/7/1973 Charlie Daniels Band /Memorial Hall -w/Marshall Tucker Band

10/13/1973 ZZ Top /Memorial Hall -w/Bachman Turner Overdrive

10/21/1973 Arlo Gutherie /Cowtown Ballroom -KUDL

10/20/1973  Jimmie Spheeris  Music Hall

10/24/1973 Wishbone Ash /Memorial Hall

10/31/1973 Mike Quatro Jam Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Bryan Bowers

11/2/1973 Mott the Hoople /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Kinky Friedman - KUDL

11/3/1973 Ted Nugent & Amboy Dukes/Memorial Hall -w/Bob Seger, Captain Beyond

11/4/1973 Shawn Phillips /Memorial Hall

11/10/1973 Robin Trower /Cowtown Ballroom -KUDL

11/14/1973 Ozark Mountain Daredevils/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Danny Cox

11/14/1973 The Eagles/ Memorial Hall -w/Dan Fogelberg

11/16/1973 Ozark Mountain Daredevils /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Danny Cox - KUDL

11/22/1973 Sha Na Na/ Memorial Hall

12/5/1973 Foghat /Cowtown Ballroom

12/7/1973 Todd Rundgren /Uptown Theatre

12/9/1973 Jesse Colin Young /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Leo Kottke

12/13/1973 REO Speedwagon/Municipal Auditorium

12/14/1973  Randy Meisner /Memorial Hall -w/Maria Muldaur 

12/28/1973 Blue Oyster Cult /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Charlie Daniels

12/31/1973 Sugarloaf /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Pilgrimage, Stone Wall, One Thing at a Time


1/9/1974 Climax Blues Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Speakeasy

1/17/1974 Van Morrison /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Caledonia Soul Orchestra

1/26/1974 Jimmie Spheeris/Memorial Hall

2/2/1974 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin -KUDL

2/3/1974 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin -KUDL

2/8/1974 Commander Cody/Cowtown Ballroom -w/Ozark Mountain Daredevils

2/9/1974 Jackson Browne/Memorial Hall -w/Linda Ronstadt

2/13/1974 Kris Kristofferson/Memorial Hall

2/15/1974 Brownsville Station/Memorial Hall -w/Stonewall & Dynaflo

2/23/1974 The Strawbs /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Morningstar

2/24/1974 National Lampoon's Lemmings /UMKC -w/John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Christopher Guest, etc.

2/24/1974 Rory Gallagher /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

2/24/1974 Dave Mason/Memorial Hall -w/Jim Stafford

2/27/1974 Bachman-Turner Overdrive/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/NRBQ

3/1/1974 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Steve Martin

3/8/1974 Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention/Memorial Hall -w/Johnny Barnett, Tom Waits

3/11/1974 Harry Chapin /Cowtown Ballroom

3/15/1974 Hawkwind / Memorial Hall 

3/16/1974 Redbone /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Pilgrimage

3/23/1974  Sha Na Na  and Mason Profit /Memorial Hall 

3/24/1974 Rory Gallagher/ Cowtown Ballroom -w/Tide

3/30/1974 Doobie Brothers/ Memorial Hall - 2 Shows 7 & 10pm

4/2/1974 Todd Rundgren/Memorial Hall

4/6/1974 Bill Quitman, Hoyt Axton, J. Boy Allen /Cowtown Ballroom

4/11/1974 Fanny /Cowtown Ballroom

4/14/1974 Genesis /Memorial Hall

4/17/1974 Mott the Hoople /Memorial Hall -with Queen

4/19/1974 Charlie Daniels /Municipal Auditorium -w/Lynyrd Skynyrd & Marshall Tucker Band (KUDL $1)

4/22/1974 Captain Beefheart /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Kansas

4/23/1974 Styx /Free State Opera House, Lawrence Ks

4/25/1974 Firesign Theater /Cowtown Ballroom

4/26/1974 Electric Light Orchestra /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Suzi Quatro Band

5/10/1974 Climax Blues Band /Cowtown Ballroom

5/15/1974 The Beach Boys/Municipal Auditorium

5/19/1974 Rod McKuen /Music Hall

5/29/1974 Jesse Colin Young /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Royal Scanlon -KUDL

6/1/1974 Alvin Lee and Ten Years After/Memorial Hall  -w/Morningstar

6/11/1974 Robin Trower /Memorial Hall -w/10cc, Slade 

6/13/1974 Golden Earing /Cowtown  Ballroom

6/14/1974 The Allman Brothers Band/Royals Stadium

6/29/1974 Elvis Presley/Municipal Auditorium

7/8/1974 Procol Harem /Midland Theater -w/Poco

7/12/1974 Gordon Lightfoot/Midland Theatre

7/18/1974 Uriah Heep/Municipal Auditorium -w/Manfred Mann, Aerosmith, Babe Ruth

7/19 - 7/21/1974 Ozark Music Festival, Sedalia Mo. w/over 30 Acts including: The Eagles, REO Speedwagon, Joe Walsh/ 350,000 estimated attendence.           

7/19/1974 Crosby Stills Nash & Young/Royals Stadium -w/Beach Boys, Jesse Collin Young

8/11/1974  Jackson 5  /Municipal Auditorium  

8/29/1974 Deep Purple/ Arrowhead Stadium -w/J.Geils Band & Elf

9/16/1974 The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Cowtown Ballroom -w/Brewer & Shipley -KUDL

9/20/1974 Blue Oyster Cult/Memorial Hall -w/New York Dolls

9/24/1974  Todd Rundgren /Memorial Hall 

10/1/1974 Jefferson Starship /Midland Theater -KUDL

10/6/1974 Billy Joel/Memorial Hall

10/16/1974 Herbie Hancock /Uptown Theatre -w/Brian Auger

10/18/1974 Hawkind /Memorial Hall -w/Rush

11/1/1974 Weather Report/ Memorial Hall -w/Fairport Convention

11/3/1974 Fleetwood Mac/Memorial Hall -w/Little Feat & Triumvirat

11/11/1974 Chicago /Arrowhead Stadium

11/16/1974  Jackson Browne /Memorial Hall  w/Bonnie Raitt

12/6/1974 Yes/ Allen Field House Lawrence

11/15/1974 Lou Reed/Memorial Hall

12/4/1974  Loggins and Messina / Memorial Hall

12/6/1974 Yes/Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence

12/20/1974  Blue Oyster Cult & ZZ Top  /Municipal Auditorium  


1/6/1975  Wishbone Ash /Memorial Hall  -w/Camel 

1/28/1975 Jethro Tull/Kemper Arena

2/1/1975 Genesis/Memorial Hall

2/24/1975 Nektar/Memorial Hall

2/26/1975 Dave Mason /Free State Opera House, Lawrence Ks. -w/Pavlov's Dog

3/26/1975 Joe Walsh/Memorial Hall

4/11/1975 Lynyrd Skynyrd / Municipal Auditorium

4/13/1975 Golden Earring/Memorial Hall -w/Kiss, Joe Vitale's Madman

4/22/1975 Supertramp/Memorial Hall

4/24/1975 Jackson Browne/Hoch Auditorium Lawrence -w/Phoebe Snow

4/25/1975 Kraftwerk/Memorial Hall

4/30/1975 Foghat/Memorial Hall

5/1/1975  Hawkwind /Memorial Hall 

5/2/1975 Robin Trower/Memorial Hall

5/17/1975 The Beach Boys & Chicago /Arrowhead Stadium 

5/24/1975 Lou Reed/Memorial Hall

6/6/1975 The Rolling Stones /Arrowhead Stadium-w/Billy Preston/Eagles/Rufus/Chaka Khan

6/20 & 6/21/1975 The Kool Jazz Festival / Royals Stadium - w/Count Basie,  Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, The Isley Brothers, The Ohio Players, B.B. King, New Birth, Bobby Humphrey, Sly, Slick & Wicked, Freddy Hubbard, Cannonball Adderly…

6/13/1975 Bad Company /Municipal Auditorium -w/Maggie Bell

6/22/1975 Styx/Fairyland Park -w/Blue Oyster Cult/Climax Blues Band/Bob Seger/Hot Foot

7/3/1975 Yes/Municipal Auditorium -w/Ace

7/10/1975 Eric Clapton/ Municipal Auditorium -w/Carlos Santana

7/19/1975 Black Oak Arkansas/Arrowhead Stadium -w/Todd Rundgren

7/20/1975  Electric Light Orchestra  /Memorial Hall 

7/29/1975  ZZ Top  /Memorial Hall  

8/8/1975 Linda Ronstadt/Memorial Hall

8/9/1975 Jefferson Starship /Municipal Auditorium

8/17/1975  Fleetwood Mac / Memorial Hall

9/9/1975 Chicago/Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence

9/13/1975 Caravan /Memorial Hall

9/28/1975 Bruce Springsteen/Memorial Hall

10/9/1975  Chicago /Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence Ks. 

10/14/1975 Frank Zappa/Memorial Hall

10/18/1975  Rush  /Municipal Auditorium  

10/21/1975 Rick Wakeman /Memorial Hall

10/25/1975 Jimmie Spheeris/Memorial Hall

10/31/1975 ZZ Top/Kemper Arena -w/Rory Gallagher

11/1/1975  The Beach Boys / Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence Ks.

11/14/1975 Todd Rundgren & Utopia /Free State Opera House, Lawrence Ks.

12/1/1975 The Who/Kemper Arena- w/Toots and the Maytals

12/17/1975 The Kinks/Memorial Hall


1/14/1976  Allman Brothers Band /Municipal Auditorium  

2/13/1976 Roxy Music/Memorial Hall -w/Back Street Crawler

2/26/1976 Bachman-Turner-Overdrive/Kemper Arena -w/Electric Light Orchestra

3/3/1976 Olivia Newton-John/Kemper Arena

3/19/1976 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/Memorial Hall

3/22/1976 Peter Frampton /Memorial Hall

4/4/1976 Arlo Gutherie/Memorial Hall -w/Shenandoah

4/21/1976 Elvis Presley/Kemper Arena

4/25/1976 Genesis/Memorial Hall

4/27/1976 Return to Forever /Memorial Hall

4/28/1976 Aerosmith/Kemper Arena -w/Angel & Slade

5/2/1976 Uriah Heep & Rush /Memorial Hall -w/Foghat & The Skyhooks

5/12/1976 Foghat/Municipal Auditorium -w/Styx, Golden Earing, & UFO

5/14/1976 Weather Report /Memorial Hall -w/John McLaughlin & Shakti

5/15/1976 Thin Lizzy /Memorial Hall -w/Charlie Daniels Band

5/29/1976 Paul McCartney & Wings/Kemper Arena

6/18/1976 Summer Jam /Royals Stadium -w/Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, REO, Henry Gross, Head East

6/22/1976  Steve Miller Band  /Memorial Hall 

7/11/1976 ZZ Top/Arrowhead Stadium -w/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Elvin Bishop, Point Blank 

7/23/1976 The Beach Boys/Arrowhead Stadium -w/Doobie Brothers, Jeff Beck, Firefall, Ozark Mountain Daredevils

7/24/1976 Peter Frampton /Royals Stadium -w/Santana, Gary Wright, Natural Gas 

7/26/1976 Kiss/Municipal Auditorium -w/Artful Dodger & Felix Pappalardi

7/29/1976 Loggins and Messina/Uptown Theatre

8/8/1976  Jethro Tull /Arrowhead Stadium -w/Rory Gallagher, Robin Trower, Todd Rundgren 

9/11/1976 Leon Russell/Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence

10/11/1976 Jefferson Starship /Kemper Arena

10/15/1976  The Staple Singers /Kemper Arena -w/Harold Melvin & Blue Notes, Sharon Page, Johnny Guitar Watson 

10/15/1976 Dwight Twilley Band/Uptown Theatre

10/16/1976  Head East  /Memorial Hall  -w/Be-bop Delux, Paris 

10/29/1976  Hall and Oats  /Memorial Hall 

10/30/1976 Black Sabbath/Memorial Hall -w/Target

10/31/1976  Rory Gallagher & ZZ Top  /Municipal Auditorium  

11/1/1976 REO Speedwagon/Memorial Hall

11/5/1976 Kansas/Memorial Hall -w/Ambrosia

11/10/1976  Jackson Browne  /Memorial Hall 

11/19/1976 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band /Memorial Hall -w/Michael Murphy

11/24/1976 The Eagles /Kemper Arena -w/John David Souther

12/4/1976  Styx /Memorial Hall -w/Point Blank

12/7/1976  Robin Trower /Municipal Auditorium -w/Thin Lizzy 

12/12/1976  Blue Oyster Cult /Municipal Auditorium -w/Bob Seger 



1/15/1977 Ted Nugent/Municipal Auditorium -w/Rush

1/26/1977  Foghat /Municipal Auditorium  

1/31/1977 Al Stewart/Uptown Theatre -w/Wendy Waldman

2/4/1977  Electric Light Orchestra  /Municipal Auditorium  -w/Steve Hillage 

2/5/1977 Genesis/Municipal Auditorium

2/9/1977 Kiss/Kemper Arena

2/15/1977 Santana/Memorial Hall

3/23/1977  Todd Rundgren /Memorial Hall 

4/1/1977  Peter Gabriel  /Memorial Hall 

4/1/1977 Fleetwood Mac /Kemper Arena -w/Rocky Burnette

4/10/1977 The Kinks/Memorial Hall

4/16/1977  Gordon Lightfoot  /Memorial Hall

4/19/1977  Little Feat  /Uptown Theater 

4/22/1977 The Outlaws /Uptown Theater -w/Chilliwack

4/30/1977 Procol Harum/Uptown Theatre

5/6/1977 Uriah Heep /Memorial Hall -w/Foreigner

5/7/1977 ZZ Top/Allen Fieldhouse Lawrence

5/20/1977  George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  /Arrowhead Stadium  

5/28/1977  Starcastle  /Memorial Hall  -w/Gran Max 

6/14/1977  Poco  /Memorial Hall  -w/Dickie Betts & Great Southern 

6/15/1977 Mahogany Rush /Memorial Hall -w/Shooting Star

6/18/1977 Elvis Presley/Kemper Arena

6/21/1977 Pink Floyd/Kemper Arena

6/26/1977 Summer Jam/Royals Stadium -w/Ted Nugent/REO/Black Oak Arkansas/Head East/Climax Blues Band/Little River Band

7/15/1977  Bad Company  /Kemper Arena  -w/Climax Blues Band 

7/16/1977 Jimmy Buffett/Memorial Hall

7/30/1977 Alice Cooper/Kemper Arena

7/31/1977 Peter Frampton/Arrowhead Stadium -w/Steve Miller, Rick Derringer, Styx

8/10/1977 UFO/Memorial Hall -w/Foreigner & AC/DC

8/22/1977 Emerson, Lake & Palmer /Municipal Auditorium- w/Journey

8/25/1977  Muddy Waters /Uptown Theater  

8/30/1977 Dave Mason/Memorial Hall

9/16/1977 Fleetwood Mac/Kemper Arena -w/Kenny Loggins

9/16-18/1977 Styx/Memorial Hall -w/Morningstar

9/27/1977  Styx /Memorial Hall -w/Ram Jam

9/28/1977 Firefall/Memorial Hall

10/6/1977 Yes /Municipal Auditorium

10/8/1977 Thin Lizzy /Memorial Hall

10/13/1977  The Beach Boys /Municipal Auditorium  

10/14/1977 The Beach Boys /Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence Ks.

10/22/1977 Flood Relief Concert/Memorial Hall -w/Jay Ferguson & Prism

10/26/1977 Iggy Pop/Uptown Theatre

10/26/1977 Utopia/Memorial Hall

10/28/1977 The Grateful Dead/Memorial Hall

10/30/1977  Black Sabbath /Memorial Hall 

11/11/1977 Frank Zappa/Uptown Theatre

11/12/1977 Hall & Oats/Memorial Hall

11/13/1977 Jethro Tull/Municipal Auditorium

11/15/1977 Nektar/Memorial Hall

11/16/1977 Billy Joel/Memorial Hall

11/23/1977 Golden Earing/Memorial Hall -w/Rex & Legs Diamond

11/25/1977  Kansas  /Kemper Arena  -w/Crawler 

11/27/1977 Kiss/Kemper Arena

11/29/1977 Rod Stewart/Kemper Arena

12/4/1977 Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter/Kemper Arena

12/12/1977 Neil Diamond/Kemper Arena


1/6/1978 Blue Oyster Cult/Municipal Auditorium -w/Black Oak Arkansas

1/15/1978 Ted Nugent/Kemper Arena

1/17/1978  Rush  /Municipal Auditorium  

1/19/1978 Willie Nelson/Kemper Arena

2/15/1978 National Lampoon Show/Uptown Theatre

2/17/1978  Starcastle /Memorial Hall  -w/Gary Wright

2/20/1978 Eric Clapton/Municipal Auditorium

3/8/1978 The Tubes/Memorial Hall

3/14/1978 Foghat/Municipal Auditorium

3/17/1978  Foghat  /Municipal Auditorium  

3/17/1978 Bob Weir/Uptown Theatre

3/31/1978 Journey /Memorial Hall -w/Montrose & Van Halen

4/4/1978 Jimmie Buffett/Memorial Hall

4/8/1978  George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  /Kemper Arena  

4/12/1978 Ozark Mountain Daredevils/Memorial Hall

4/15/1978 David Bowie/Municipal Auditorium

4/18/1978 Lou Reed/Hoch Auditorium Lawrence -w/Ian Dury&the Blockheads

5/12/1978 REO Speedwagon /Kemper Arena -w/Rainbow & No Dice

5/20/1978 Elvis Costello /Uptown Theater -w/Nick Lowe/Mink DeVille

5/27/1978 Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band /Arrowhead -w/Foreigner/Head East/Bob Welch/Uriah Heep, Toby Beau

6/6/1978  Little Feat  /Memorial Hall 

6/9/1978 Bill Cobham /Uptown Theater

6/13/1978 Ozark Mountain Daredevils/ Uptown Theater

6/16/1978 Bruce Springsteen/ Memorial Hall

6/19/1978 Patti Smith/Uptown Theatre

6/23/1978 Bozz Scaggs/Kemper Arena -w/The Little River Band

6/28/1978 Aerosmith/Kemper Arena -w/Climax Blues Band

7/1/1978 4th Annual Willie Nelson Picnic /Arrowhead Stadium -KY102 -w/The Grateful Dead, Waylon Jennings, Jessie Colter, Missouri, Jerry Jeff Walker

7/2/1978 Electric Light Orchestra/Kemper Arena -w/Trickster

7/2/1978 Richard Pryor/Memorial Hall

7/12/1978  The Commodores  /Kemper Arena -w/ Teddy Pendergrass, Taste of Honey 

7/15/1978 Summer Jam/Royals Stadium -w/Kansas/Steve Miller / Eddy.Money/Van Halen

7/16/1978 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers/Uptown Theatre

7/17/1978 Black Sabbath/Municipal Auditorium -w/Van Halen

7/22/1978 The Kinks /Memorial Hall  -w/Blondie 

7/25/1978  Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge  /Kemper Arena  

7/26/1978  Bob Marley and the Wailers  /Uptown Theater  

7/27/1978 Yes/Kemper Arena

7/27/1978 Harry Chapin/Hoch Auditorium Lawrence

7/29/1978 The Ramones / GranadaTheater, K.C. Ks. 

7/30/1978 Summer Rock II/ Arrowhead Stadium -w/The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg

8/9/1978  Phoebe Snow  /Uptown Theater

8/12/1978 Queen /Kemper Arena -KY102 

8/17/1978  Meat Loaf   /Uptown Theater

9/10/1978 The Isley Brothers/Kemper Arena -w/Heat Wave 

9/11/1978 Black Sabbath /Municipal Auditorium -w/Van Halen

9/16/1978 Tom Petty& Heartbreakers /Uptown Theater

9/23/1978 Thin Lizzy/Uptown Theater -with AC/DC, The Dictators

9/27/1978 Yes /Kemper Arena -KY102

10/17/1978 Genesis/Municipal Auditorium

10/18/1978 Todd Rundgren/One Block West -w/Roger Powell

10/18/1978  Billy Joel  /Kemper Arena  

11/3/1978 Bob Dylan /Kemper Arena

11/9/1978 10cc /Uptown Theater

11/21/1978 Styx/Kemper Arena -w/The Babys

12/4/1978 The Moody Blues /Kemper Arena  -w/ Jimmy Spheeris

12/7/1978 Charlie Daniels Band/Hoch Auditorium Lawrence

12/8/1978 Queen  /Kemper Arena  

12/11/1978 Rush/Kemper Arena

12/17/1978 Ted Nugent/Kemper Arena -w/Starz

12/21/1978 Tanya Tucker/One Block West


1/25/1979 Brewer & Shipley/Kansas Union Ballroom Lawrence

2/6/1979 The Fabulous Poodles /Pogos -KY102

2/9/1979 The Grateful Dead/ Memorial Hall

2/10/1979 The Grateful Dead/ Memorial Hall

2/19/1979  Alice Cooper  /Kemper Arena  

2/23/1979 The Outlaws/Memorial Hall

2/23/1979  Jethro Tull  /Kemper Arena  

2/25/1979 Willie Nelson/Municipal Auditorium

3/1/1979 Robert Hunter/The Lyric Theatre

3/5/1979 Elvis Costello & the Attractions/ Memorial Hall

3/12/1979 Boston/Municipal Auditorium

3/15/1979 The Police /One Block West

3/17/1979 The Boomtown Rats/Lawrence Opera House

3/19/1979 Dire Straits/Memorial Hall

3/24/1979 Cheech & Chong/Memorial Hall

4/4/1979  J. Geils Band  /Memorial Hall 

4/10/1979 The Tubes and Squeeze /Memorial Hall 

4/13/1979 Roxy Music /One Block West -w/The Atlantics

 4/23/1979 Jethro Tull /Kemper Arena -w/U.K.

4/24/1979  Van Halen /Municipal Auditorium  

4/27/1979 The Doobie Brothers/Allen Fieldhuse Lawrence

4/30/1979 UFO/Memorial Hall -w/Judas Priest

5/4/1979 Jerry Lee Lewis/Municipal Auditorium -w/Emmylou Harris

5/5/1979 David Gates /Lawrence Opera House

5/7/1979 Tom Robinson Band /One Block West -KY102

5/12/1979 Diana Ross/Kemper Arena

5/19/1979 Lou Reed/One Block West

5/24/1979 The Destiny Tour '79 /Kemper Arena -w/ The Jacksons, Sister Sledge, Foxy

5/26/1979 Bad Company/Kemper Arena

5/28/1979 The Village People/Kemper Arena

6/2/1979 Patti Smith/One Block West -moved from Memorial Hall

6/6/1979 Yes/ Kemper Arena -Concert cancelled because of Kemper roof collapse June 4th, 1979

6/17/1979 Summer Jam/ Arrowhead -w/Ted Nugent/The Cars/Heart/Bob Welch/Missouri/Sammy Hagar

6/22/1979 George Benson & B.B. King /Kauffman Stadium -w/Chic, Ashford and Simpson, Tyrone Davis, Rose Royce 

6/22/1979 Nazareth /Memorial Hall -w/Gran Max

6/30/1979 Renaissance/Memorial Hall -w/Tim Weisberg

7/3/1979 New Riders of Purple Sage /Lawrence Opera House

7/6/1979 Devo/Lawrence Opera House

7/15/1979 Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson /Memorial Hall

7/15/1979 Journey /Municipal Auditorium  -w/Thin Lizzy 

7/20/1979 Robert Fripp/Capers Corners -Frippertronics

7/28/1979 Robert Hunter/Pierson Hall -UMKC

8/19/1979  Poco  /Memorial Hall  -w/John Stewart 

8/21/1979 Count Basie/Uptown Theatre -his 75th Diamond Jubilee

9/1/1979 Summer Jam/Kauffman Stadium -w/REO Speedwagon, Santana, Little River Band, Missouri, Pat Travers

9/2/1979 Santana /Uptown Theatre

9/6/1979 Ray Charles /Uptown Theatre

9/14/1979 The Kinks/Memorial Hall

9/18/1979 David Grissman /Uptown Theatre

9/24/1979 The Knack /Uptown Theatre

9/28/1979 Waylon Jennings/Municipal Auditorium -w/Hank Williams Jr.

9/30/1979 Kiss/Municipal Auditorium -w/Judas Priest

10/5/1979 J.J. Cale /Memorial Hall

10/8/1979 Tom Waits /Uptown Theatre

10/19/1979 Talking Heads /Memorial Hall

10/24/1979 Joe Jackson /One Block West

11/24/1979 Sammy Hagar /Memorial Hall -w/Scorpions, The Hounds

12/1/1979  Muddy Waters  /Uptown Theater  

12/5/1979 Ramsey Lewis/Hoch Auditorium Lawrence

12/5/1979 The Buzzcocks/Lawrence Opera House -w/Ultravox

12/6/1979 Bob Marley & the Wailers /Hoch Auditorium Lawrence

12/8/1979 Styx /Municipal Auditorium -w/April Wine

12/10/1979 The Grateful Dead /Memorial Hall

12/11/1979  The Grateful Dead  /Memorial Hall 

12/12/1979  Rory Gallagher  /Memorial Hall

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